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Suspension and Chassis 

Is it not driving quite right?

We understand that when you've been driving your car for a while you know exactly how it behaves and that you know when something is not quite right.

Bring those concerns to us. We will turn every stone to get to the bottom of the issue and get it sorted for you.

Strange lights on dashboard?

This is where we thrive. Bit of mystery and challenge. We pride ourselves in getting to the bottom of electrical faults that have defeated other workshops.

Whether is an engine fault, electrical gremlin or even a bulb that just keeps burning out, we got you.

Fault Diagnosis

Timing Belts and Chains

The big jobs are our favorite 

We can't stress enough how important the Camshaft drive system and the correct change intervals are in your car.

Using the best timing belt and chain kits that the industry has to offer allows us to guarantee your camshaft drive system will stay healthy. 

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